Web-based usenet interface for usenet resellers

New users are often overwhelmed by the complexity of installing and configuring usenet software. Many will cancel in frustration, without ever discovering what usenet has to offer them.  For the small news-service provider or reseller, the customers whom you successfully introduce to usenet for the first time are the customers who remain your most loyal, long-term subscribers.

We have made it easy to integrate a web-to-news usenet interface into your website.  Simply place a login form on your site for the username, password, and a hidden field for your own server address. When the form is submitted, the login is checked to see if is valid on your server, then the user is directed to our web interface. The username and md5 hash of the password is cached for 24 hours.  The password itself is never stored.

The interface is powered by Surgenews.

None of your own bandwidth from your webserver or your usenet server is used. Pricing is only $20 per month per usenet site, with one month free so that you can set it up and try it before subscribing. (It's cheap because I really want to build a consortium of small usenet sites, so that I can justify developing a far better web interface for all of us.)

Surgenews works well for groups doing mostly single-part binaries, but gets worse and worse for multiple parts. The newbies will complain, which will give you an opportunity to guide them toward better tools.

Go ahead and try it, using any valid username and password to a valid nntp server.

    Server address (this should be hidden and hard-coded on your web form):