Webnews shared server

  • Does not use any of your nntp or website bandwidth
  • Authentication via your nntp server
  • Easy integration into your website.  The authentication form on your website requires only 2 user input fields (username and password) and one hidden field with the address of your usenet server. Try our test.


Front-end for usenet resellers for as little as $50 per month:

  • If you already have a reseller contract with one of the top providers, I'll build you one for free, and you can test it for 30 days. You really need to try one of these to understand how it will improve your customers' value while controlling your costs.
  • What can you do with a leased front end?

  • Throttle your total available bandwidth speed to not exceed your contracted bandwidth from your primary backend provider, avoiding surprise overages due to greedy downloaders.

  • Add SSL on as many different ports as you want.

  • Have multiple news-server IP addresses, each having its own greeting and SSL certificate. Non-contiguous IP's Geo-located from various countries are available (France, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Poland, Czech, Netherlands, Finland, Lithuania, Germany, Belgium, Italy, U.K.).

  • Combine multiple back-end spools from different providers into a single news-reader front end. I can provide a back-end spool to fill in groups missing from your primary provider, with 10-year depth of retention (real retention, not a spool full of advertised headers with missing bodies).

  • Add a spool of your own, on your own hardware, carrying only the groups for which you want to control retention and take-down notices. Lease hardware, colocate hardware, or set up a server in your own home or business. INN2 is recommended for back ends--it's free with lots of free support in news.software.nntp. You can target your service to your particular niche, and offer your users a package that improves on anything anyone else offers. You do not need an incoming news feed--you can suck both new and old articles off of your primary provider's server, and also feed into it directly from your front-end server, for posts made by your user base. (I can install INN2 on your hardware for $250, but I recommend learning this for yourself.)

  • Software installed on your leased front-end server:

    • Debian Wheezy 32 bit OS distro
    • nntpSwitch usenet front-end news router
    • MySql database server
    • syslog-ng
    • phpMyadmin
    • lighttpd
    • csf firewall
    • phpMyEdit form generator
    • gnome desktop
    • nx nomachine remote desktop

    If you want to set up a similar system on your own hardware instead of leasing one from me, these are my recommendations. I will provide help for your own installation in news.software.nntp. (My business focus is selling back-end spool bandwidth, not leasing the front-ends.)

  • For further information, contact Etian@ (this domain).